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I Converted to Scientology in the Line for Berghain
Kawasaki Dumptruck Collective

I’d Tell You My Social Security Number If You Asked

Mark Hoppus

Married to the Game,
But Then She Left Me and Took the Kids

Wallace Shawn + Barren Wuffet


Which Guinea Pig Reminds You of Your Girlfriend?

Shorey Paul

I Sold My Mother’s Wedding Dress to Fund My Kratom Habit

Tipper Gore

I Like to Do Fun Things Like Rhyme About Handguns

Cpl. John McGubbins


If You’re A Hoodrat, Then I’m Ratatouille

Orville Redenbacher

Plymouth Argyle Champions League Winners 2031

Mariano Rivera

The Saddest Thing I See With Catholic Men is When They Have Narrow Shoulders (Narrow Shoulders are for Liberals and Men Who Do Yoga

Joe Jarrell

~Went Kerouac on Everyone’s Ass~


We All Know Art Dealers Who Defraud Artists, and I Wonder If We Don’t Say Anything Because We Too Hope for Empathy in Our Darkest Moments

Inigo Philbrick

I Often Think My Life Would Be Best Lived Away From All of This Bullshit, But Here I Am, Hanging Around

Baskin Robbins

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