Jumping Off a Mountain Sideways
14 July - 28 August 2024
PV: 13 July 2024 | 4-8 pm
Andrew Birk
96 Robert St., NW1 3QP, London, UK
For enquiries contact: jpb@grove.biz

Season 4 Episode 6 presents its inaugural exhibition, Jumping Off a Mountain Sideways, a solo project by artist Andrew Birk.

This exhibition was born out of Birk’s practice of recording himself in the fields surrounding his house, spinning as fast as he could until he fell over. Often, the action was performed in stolen moments carved out of his responsibilities as a husband, father, and curator. It is a gesture of both defiance and submission; frustration and acceptance; action and futility; hope and anguish. The presented body of work has grown from this line of thinking.

This project has been a labor of love realized from the ineluctable truths of these contradictions.

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